Reading Rangers Program to be Offered by Park District, Library

The Livermore Area Recreation and Park District is partnering with the Livermore Public Library and the Cohen Foundation to offer a new Reading Rangers Program. Reading Rangers, an educational nature program, will have several free drop-in programs available from February through April. Reading Rangers offers families the opportunity to read nature focused stories with LARPD Rangers, explore nature in their everyday surroundings and will culminate in a field trip to Sycamore Grove Park!

Bus transportation to Sycamore Grove Park for “Adventure with a Ranger” will be provided to those in need. To reserve your seat on the bus register at the Youth Room desk at the Civic Center Library or call (925) 373-5504 beginning March 6. Registration is also required in order to get a free day parking pass (for families who wish to drive their own cars). For more information about Reading Rangers call (925) 960-2400.

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