Progressive Transportation Services CEO Named

Transportation and logistics industry veteran Jim Gillis was recently promoted to CEO of California-based Progressive Transportation Services (PTS). Previously, he worked for Gulf Intermodal Services (GIS) from 2011–2018 as regional manager and then regional vice president. Gillis got his start in the industry working for Intermodal Cartage (IMCG) from 1997–2004 in roles ranging from gate clerk and dispatch supervisor to customer service, fleet supervisor and regional manager. PTS, GIS and IMCG are all part of the IMC Companies family of brands. IMC Companies’ acquisition of PTS in 2016 completed IMC Companies’ national footprint and secured its position as the largest container drayage company in the nation.

“Jim has been a valuable leader in every role in which he’s served,” says Mark H. George, Chairman of IMC Companies. “I’ve always been a proponent of ‘promoting from within’ whenever possible – and having Jim serve as CEO has already proven to be a solid decision for PTS and our valued customers alike.”

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