‘It’s Magic’ to Fill Bankhead Stage

The 62st anniversary edition of “It’s Magic!” will deliver an all new show of magic, mystery and illusion when it comes to the Bankhead Theater on October 28, 2018. An event designed to appeal to the whole family, this showcase of magical arts incorporates comedy, sleight of hand, and thrilling stage illusions. Featured in this year’s production is Xavier Mortimer who is currently headlining his own show at Planet Hollywood Resort Casino on the strip in Las Vegas. Now making its sixth return to the Bankhead Theater, “It’s Magic!” will enthrall, mystify and delight audiences of all ages in a single performance on Sunday afternoon, October 28th. While the $20 regular ticket level is already sold out, discounted tickets for students and active military personnel are still available at that price. Remaining seats start at just $40.

Developed in Los Angeles in the mid-1950s, the original “It’s Magic!” variety show ran for nearly 30 years, sparking interest in the magical arts with its engaging mix of magic, illusions and stage entertainment. Co-founder Milt Larsen opened The Magic Castle for magicians and magic enthusiasts, which eventually became his primary focus. In the mid-1990s, a renewed interest in family-friendly magic shows led to a collaboration between Larsen and producer Terry Hill to recreate an all new “It’s Magic!” show. After opening in Southern California, the show quickly expanded to venues around the country. Featuring an ever-changing roster of world-class masters in the magical arts, each year the show offers audiences of all ages the opportunity to experience the wonder and suspense of the very best in magic and illusion.

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