Evangelical Christians Praying to Dodge a Serious Threat in Bulgaria

Religious freedom is at risk in eastern Europe where Bulgaria’s Parliament is voting on a bill aimed at shutting down evangelical churches and other minority faiths.

The bill favors the majority Eastern Orthodox and Muslim religions. But leaders of all faiths, even those that it favored, have been standing against the bill.

One evangelical spokesperson spoke to CBN News from Bulgaria’s capital of Sofia, explaining that the threat has brought all members of the body of Christ together.

Iva Tsvetkova of Mission Possible says, “We as a Christian community all over the country did prayer rallies and peaceful protests… and in my opinion right now the church in Bulgaria is more united than ever before.”

The evangelical church in Bulgaria is very small, representing about two percent of the population.

The bill favors Eastern Orthodox Christinianity and Islam, while putting heavy burdens on others. For example:

  •  Only Eastern Orthodox believers and Muslims would be allowed to train clergy and run schools.
  •  All other Bulgarian ministers would lose legal status
  •  State control would be imposed on messages and sermons