Awards to Be Presented at ‘Beyond the Cloud’ Luncheon

Pleasanton is home to extraordinary, cutting-edge companies, run by very successful men and women. In partnership with the City of Pleasanton, the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce is convening a panel of the best and brightest chief executives at its annual economic development luncheon: Beyond the Cloud 6.0. Attendees will hear firsthand what’s next in bioengineering, commercial building automation systems, and next generation sleep devices.

Economic driver awards will be presented to 10x Genomics, ProSomnus Sleep Technologies and Sunbelt Controls. The luncheon event, which is open to everyone in the community, is set for Tuesday, October 30 at the Palm Event Center in Pleasanton, with networking at 11:30 a.m. and lunch and program beginning at noon. The event is sponsored by Amos Productions, ClubSport of Pleasanton, DePretis CPAs, Hacienda, Mirador Capital Partners, Photography by KC Chen, Pleasanton Garbage Service, Sensiba San Filippo and UNCLE Credit Union.

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